Where it
all started

This is the actual Black Bridge in Kingman, AZ that the brewery was named after. This bridge has been a local party spot for decades. We like to think we are continuing the party atmosphere at a more appropriate location.
Black Bridge Brewery's Brewmaster, Tim Schritter, undoubtedly has a distinct combination of beer and iron running through his veins. Despite the unassuming way he moves through his crowded brewery, it is impossible not to see the passion he has for brewing and his unwavering commitment to his community.

Born and raised in Kingman, AZ along the "Mother Road" that is Historic Route 66, Tim's ethical core and steely eyed determination to brew great beer was cultivated on the back of responsibility instilled from his father. Tim began welding and metal fabrication at the age of thirteen years old. Ten years later, Tim would utilize his knowledge of metal to build his first brewing system; a 45-gallon Brewhouse that would eventually brew almost 130 batches of beer his first year in business.

Where did the inspiration to brew beer come from? According to Schritter, "I was a Keystone Light kind of guy, until one day I tried Stone Arrogant Bastard and caught the bug." From there, he began to develop his palate; learning the language spoken between the flavors and aromas of his craft. "Drinking for the pure excitement of flavors was completely new to me. I wanted to experiment with these flavors to create unique beers of my own."